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“Laura helped me see my dilemmas from different points of view and realize how often I close off opportunities for more joy and ease of living by believing my inner critic. She was able to get to the core of an issue I brought to each meeting with utmost respect and support, always focusing on a solution and reframing the problem in a more effective way. I truly am grateful for connecting with Laura and hope to work with her again in the future.”

— Dorota P., coaching client

“This experience has been amazing, it’s EXACTLY what I needed. Laura is great at pointing me in the right direction, asking the tough questions and teaching me how to handle things head on and she always offers a fresh perspective. She brought sanity to my stagnant and crazy life!” 

— Stacie G., coaching client

“I turned to a life coach to seek some direction. What I found most impressive was how Laura guided me so that I could make the necessary choices for myself and take the needed actions. She never told me what to do, never "should" on my decisions -- instead her methods of questioning and reflection were golden in helping me navigate through all the options and get back on a course. I actually decided to pursue a new course, which I wouldn't have considered without the coaching:) One big change for me is that I am more willing to try something new even if I might fail.”

— Kay W., coaching client

"Life coaching with Laura has been one of the most beneficial experiences of my life. Her gentle observations and questions are insightful and thought provoking and never judgmental.”... “She has helped navigate some very difficult times. I don't know where I would be without her. She is grounding force with her words of wisdom and insightful comments. Thank you Laura. I am grateful to know you.”

— Elizabeth W., coaching client

"I've just begun my work with Laura, and so far I am really pleased with the experience! She asks excellent questions, is direct and uses time well, and has a warm, friendly, and welcoming personality. I appreciate the follow check-ins and her keen listening and observation skills. I look forward to our continued work together!"

— Katie, coaching client

“Love the coaching I receive from Terra Simpla, real and simple! I always find out I'm in my own way in a very helpful way. Can take great things away with me each time that are helpful and makes me joyful. A special heart of help! Thanks for all the love!”

— Sally M., coaching client

“Laura knows what questions to ask, when to push, and when to let me talk. She has always provided a space of calm in the chaos. I have only positive things to say about life coaching with Laura. You will feel nurtured, understood, and supported” 

— Petrecia S., coaching client

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