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My Services

I coach people who are good at what they do but feel bored and alone or long for more meaning. They would just like people to see their efforts and good intent and respond in kind. Like a reluctant participant they do not really like where they are at but pretend for everyone else's sake. They feel stuck, so they cope by filling their time with Netflix or other distractions.

Does this sound familiar? I know what the problem is. You are afraid to decide because you might not like the outcome. You are resigned to living like this even though it does not bring you joy.

But the truth is, you do not have to be stuck. You are not indecisive; you just have not had the support to make a plan and follow through on it. If you had, you would feel confident in articulating your needs to your family, friends, or colleagues without fear of how they might react.

Like all my clients you are a creative and passionate person, who wants to be appreciated for all they do. Being ignored zaps your energy. Once you have a plan, you will unleash your inner passion to live a life of purpose. My coaching will help you make that plan and hold you accountable to it. It will provide you with the tools to stay mindful and pursue your future with enthusiasm and determination.

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