Why work with a certified life coach

Often, when we want to make changes, we talk with friends and family to give us advice.  Advice does not get always get to the heart of issue that we hold.  When something is on our mind, such as a move or change, the real wisdom is our knowing the whole picture of self to unlock the best next steps toward our fulfillment.  A certified life coach is highly trained to help shine the light on that whole picture so that you can better see what makes sense for your personal journey.

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About Laura

Coach Training Program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  Her clients are offered meditations, personal development tools, and non-judgmental inquisitive questions to discover their hopes and dreams.  Each session brings about the client's truth and courage to uncover what is waiting to emerge. 

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Laura is a PLCC and ICF certified life coach and offers private life- and executive coaching.  Laura received her certification from the International Coach Federation Accredited 

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"You brought sanity to my stagnant and crazy life! This experience has been amazing, it's EXACTLY what I needed."   

Stacie G. - past coaching client

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      - Laura