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Terra Simpla Permaculture

Terra from latin meaning earth or land; Simpla from the word simple meaning honest or pure. This captures the essence of what we are about. Permaculture reveals the pure and honest beauty and abundance nature intended and the earth provides. Plus it is just plain old-school commonsense to work with nature, instead of against her. At Terra Simpla we have over 50 different varieties of fruits and nuts in our mixed fruit permaculture orchards. We also hatch and raise our own beautiful naked-neck chickens for delicious eggs and meat. As an added bonus they provide fertility to the orchards and gardens as well.​​

“Nature never breaks her own laws”  - Leonardo da Vinci

At Terra Simpla we believe that we can make the world a better place by teaching permaculture, and sharing delicious and healthy food. Our classes and workshops offer real knowledge you can apply at home. Most of our classes and workshops are offered to the community free-of-charge. 

Please join us to learn and share abundantly!

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