Life Coaching for Couples and Individuals

Do you walk around with a sinking feeling of not living the life you dreamed of? Do your relationships cause anxiety or dread due to old patterns that keep repeating themselves? I coach people who lack joy in their daily mindset and wish to transform their relationships with others.

I can help you step off the carousel of negativity to discover new perspectives and ideas to better your day and home life. Joy and positive connections are available to you.

I help my clients recognize the key culprits of negative thoughts and learn how to switch to a growth mindset. You will kick negativity to the curb and go after the elements of life that bring you joy. This will inspire new responses, behaviors, and solutions, to rediscover great happiness.

My clients use words like “new”, “fresh”, “empowered” and “calm” to describe how they feel about their personal progress in my coaching program.

I am deeply passionate about coaching clients to recapture joy in their life. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota, and I have completed additional professional training through the life coach program at the University of Wisconsin. I am a certified coach through the International Coach Federation. My clients also benefit from my years of mindfulness studies.

A Message of Courage

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What my clients say...

“My job has many demands and unyielding pressure.  Coaching has helped me find a different way to manage stress and find new ways to view situations.  I can finally see and celebrate my successes which is a new way of living with accomplishment.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the coaching process look like?

Coaching starts with a meeting by phone, video or in person to get a sense of what the client hopes to get out of coaching.  This intake gets to the heart of what change and desires the individual client or couple wish to achieve by coaching together.  What follows is a twelve week program to steadily accomplish the goals set out at the beginning the coaching relationship.  Clients meet success faster with a coach because coaching breaks down barriers and provides accountability and support on a weekly basis.  Coaching asks a lot of questions about where the client is and what beliefs clients hold that may be ready to change for inspired growth. Throughout the program clients receive assignments, and continued support via phone, text and email.


How long are sessions, and what will we be covering?

A typical coaching commitment is 3 - 6 months with weekly 30-minute sessions.  Clients have mastered what they wish to reach as they complete the program.  Often, clients opt for “tune ups” to keep momentum going as they continue to grow and strive.

What responsibilities or commitments would I have between sessions?

Clients choose what action or follow through they wish to do between sessions.  It is up to the client to take the steps they outlined in session, but clients can expect encouragement and support along the way from their coach.  The efforts and learning that happens between session is always accompanied by defined support.


Is coaching like therapy? 

No. Coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce results in their personal and professional lives they might not achieve alone. It is a unique process that differs from therapy, mentoring, counseling, and training.


What does it mean, to be a certified life coach?

As an International Coach Federation (ICF) Credential-holder I have fulfilled rigorous education and experience requirements as well as demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching.  To be credentialed, a coach must complete coach-specific training; achieve a designate number of coaching experience hours; partner with a Mentor Coach; and demonstrate the appropriate understanding and mastery of ICF definition of coaching, Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.   By hiring a certified life coach, you can be certain of mastery and professionalism.


Can I attend my coaching sessions over the phone or video chat?

Yes!  I meet my clients via phone, video conference, and in person.  Each are equal in quality and success.


Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, I accept payment by all major credit cards.

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